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At Prillaman & Pace, we're committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for every employee.

As part of our effective safety and health program, safety is incorporated into every thing we do.
We're Committed to a Safe and Healthy Work Environment 
A Safe and Healthy Work Environment for Every Employee

Prillaman & Pace is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for every employee. Each employee is charged with the responsibility of preventing accidents or injuries and for insuring that all work operations are performed with the utmost regard to safety.

It has been the focus of our company's safety committee over the many years to develop an effective safety and health program which not only is structured to reduce accidents and injuries, but also to be incorporated into every part of our quality assurance, cost control and the job efficiency of every employee.

As we approach the 21st century, it is our goal to provide up-to-date training in the topics of "competent person, confined space entry, excavation or trenching, fall protection", and also to provide modern and safe equipment. Our updated vehicle fleet displays "how's my driving" decals to encourage safe driving by our employees. Our alcohol and substance abuse program strives to ensure that all employees are working without the mental or physical effects of drugs or alcohol. We have a "safety incentive program" that rewards employees for recognizing that safety depends on the full cooperation of everyone.

We have unlimited access to current safety and health standards through our insurance loss control engineers, internet sites, and certified safety and health consultants. Our corporate business insurance is reviewed annually and coverage limits are equal to or in excess of the current industry standard limits. Whether it is employee safety training, job site specific safety standards, OSHA standards, DOT federal regulations, or Virginia's new certified blasting certification, our corporate goal is to maintain a high level of professional quality, safety assurance and reliability.

 New welded process pipe rigging starts to take shape
Mechanical Department

This department maintains a high level of certified welders, pipe fitters, plumbers and service technicians that are committed in their daily activities to ensure that all work is done in a safe and professional manner. Their various daily work activities deal with working in and around confined spaces, rigging and hoisting, fall protection for overhead work, health and environmental commercial issues.

These lead personnel are to ensure that before all work is started safety task assignments are incorporated into each work task.

Manhole box being installed for employee safety 
Utility Department

This department maintains job site competent persons that have had the necessary training and tenure experience to ensure that all underground work is handled with extreme care. Care is taken to protect against harm from existing underground utilities and also to protect agains trench cave-in or collapse.

These crews use some of the most modern heavy equipment, blasting products and state-of-the-art laser alignment technology. Our certified flag persons are trained to ensure that not only are our utility crews protected, but that public travel through our work sites is done safely and as quickly as possible.

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